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Most famous food in Kakinada


Most famous food in Kakinada

Kakinada (formerly called Coconada and Kakinandiwada)  is a city and the district headquarters of East Godavari district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The city is famous for food too. The city is often termed as Pensioner’s paradise. Many travelers prefer their choice food to eat here in this city.So we are here to guide you the food you must have here in this city.


For soups and non veg dry items – Meridian below Padma Priya Theater. Must taste Polo chicken.


For chicken D.ummmm biryani Yati opp. Aishwarya grand. Chicken drum stick is special here.


For Dilkush biryani (chicken) Ulavacharu near Nagamallithota jn. Guntur Karam idly is special here.


Feeling Hungry at midnight, drive to Amma fast food Center near Bhanugudi junction. Even at 12 AM you can taste hot and delicious food.


Soft and yummy IDLY with coconut chutney in Night hotel near Railway station. Don’t forget to taste Upma.


For tanduri visit Costa grill.


PKP(Pidatha kinda pappu) at any road side bajji bandi.


Mysore bhajji and ulli bhajji as evening snack near lord siva statue in evening. Recently found another shot for bajji, restaurant in Spencers.

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