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Indians are you ready to travel with ‘Bikini Airlines’

Indians are you ready to travel with ‘Bikini Airlines’

Indian forgot your favorite airlines in India. As a new airline, which has a unique name is entering into the Indian market. Yes, you heard right bikini airline is all set to start its operational services in India from this year that is starting this December.

Well, dish Vietnamese budget airline Vietjet is popularly known as the bikini. This airline catches highlights in the way back in 2011 when they show an advertisement that featured its crew members in bikinis. Meanwhile, as per the reports, Vietjet is now all set to start flights between New Delhi and Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City from this December 6.

Information about the services:

Well, the route of New DelhiHo Chi Minh City will operate four flights per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday). From New Delhi, it will depart from 11:50 pm which reached the destination at 6:10 am

And on return, the flight will depart from Ho Chi Minh City at 7 pm & at 10:50 pm it will arrive at New Delhi.

While on return there are three flights starting from December 7, 2019, which will operate from Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. In which the flight will be departing from New Delhi at 11:50 pm & reached Hanoi at 5:20 am.

And on return, the flight departs 7:10 pm from Hanoi, which reaches New Delhi at 10:50 pm

More information about Vietjet:

Well, at present Vietjet operates around 400 daily flights, with 129 routes covering various destinations across various countries.

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