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Iconic Sunset Photos from Climbing Temples in Myanmar, banned for tourist

Iconic Sunset Photos from Climbing Temples in Myanmar, banned for tourist

Tourists of Myanmar, who were counting on taking the signature photo of hot air balloons floating above ancient Burmese pagodas, will be disappointed to know that climbing the temples of Bagan is soon to be phased out.

It’s the Instagram photo seen round the world: hot air balloons silhouetted against a fiery, orange sky, with ancient pagodas lining the horizon.

Climbing Temple Mynammar

As per reports of “The Independent”, the Ministry of Culture is set to ban tourists from climbing the temples in the ancient Burmese city in order to preserve the monuments and help it in its bid to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site by 2019.

Earlier also the officials have tried to restrict tourists from scaling the ancient monuments.

Last year, the government announced a similar initiative but rolled back due to a loud outcry from tour operators.

Temple in MynammarThe latest attempt to impose a blanket ban also follows a devastating earthquake which damaged more than 400 buildings in Bagan last summer.

 Shwesandaw pagoda is the most popular sunset-viewing temple in Bagan.


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