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Get ready for the most awaited festival of Sikkim!!


Get ready for the most awaited festival of Sikkim!!

Hello to all adventure lovers get ready for the most awaited festival of Sikkim as The Sikkim Winter Carnival 2019 is all set to begin within a few days!!!

The Sikkim Red Panda Winter Carnival Festival 2019 is scheduled to get started from 17th Jan to 19th Jan 2019. Major Attractions are Zumba, Yoga, fitness programme, Sikkim Food Festival, Paragliding, Helicopter joy ride, International Participations, Kids entertainment and much more!!

Several events and activities have been lined up to entertain tourists as well as locals. The food festival, a sale of ethnic products, dance and cultural programmes as well as a music show by international bands on the last day are some of the events lined up.


Red Panda Winter Festival is one of the most awaited cultural events in Sikkim that provides for an amazing time to both locals and visitors who travel here from far and wide.

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The festival primarily aims at increasing the influx of tourists during the leaner tourism months of the year thereby, also promoting the state’s economy and rich culture and cuisine. Preparations of this grand carnival begin days in advance with streets getting a makeover and proper infrastructure put in place to avoid any inconvenience for visitors. Also, hotels and resorts come up with special discounted offers, which not only prove beneficial for them but also for tourists.

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