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Deccan Festival

From delicious food to shopping, Deccan Festival is something to go for!

Deccan Festival

From delicious food to shopping, Deccan Festival is something to go for!

Deccan Festival is one of the most special festivals in Andhra Pradesh. This 5-day festival is organized by Andhra Pradesh Tourism.You can also enjoy the arts, craft, music, dance and Nawabi food of Hyderabad by participating in this festival.

Why the festival is being celebrated?

Every year, the purpose of celebrating this festival at such a large level is to keep the traditions of Hyderabad alive and spread it by propaganda. During this festival, tourists from foreign countries can enjoy famous Biryani and many other different varieties of Hyderabadi cuisines. From the Hyderabadi Nizami chaat-bet to the changes so far in the city, it can also be seen by joining the festival. This five-day festival is held every year from February and runs till March.

The main highlights of the festival are Gazal, Musayre and Qawwali. Famous artisans also performed. Apart from this, people can also visit the collection festival of Julianes made from famous pearls of Hyderabad.


This festival is going to start from 25th of February this year, which will run till March 1.


Qutub Shahi Tomb, Hyderabad

How to reach

Flight facility for Hyderabad from most cities is available. Begumpet Airport is a nearby airport.

Begumpet, Hyderabad and Secunderabad are three railway stations.

The convenience of buses from most cities of Hyderabad is available.

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