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Experience the little alive here in Bangkok’s ‘Death Cafe’


Experience the little alive here in Bangkok’s ‘Death Cafe’

Feel a little less than alive without your morning cup of coffee? If so, then you’ll feel right at home at this ‘death’ themed café.

Death Awareness Cafe

This cafe named “Kid Mai Death Café” means Think New has built up with an aim for customers to go and live better lives. The whole idea is based upon the Buddhist principles.

The cafe is kitted with the skeleton, where the drinks are named after death and painful and even decorated the white coffins.

Kidmai Cafe

The main attraction is the coffee where every customer is allowed to experienced to lay down in White Coffin for a few minutes to contemplate their final moments — and secure a discount on a drink.


The casket experience is also a way to nudge the country’s technology-addicted youth to step back and reassess their personal lives.

Death Cafe

Naturally, the café has become a hit with locals and travellers from around the world.

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