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Ever visited Don Hill Station in Gujarat? If not, it’s time to visit now

Ever visited Don Hill Station in Gujarat? If not, it’s time to visit now

Are you an avid nature lover and planning to explore in this summer vacation? We have a perfect hill station for you which is unexplored or unheard.

Yes, we are talking about Don Hill Station which is situated in the Dang of Gujarat. The hill station is around 30kms away from Ahwa and 150 kms away from Surat. It’s Beautiful Hill Station in Gujarat they Near By scenic landscape around Saputara perched on the border of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Don Hill station still insists is hidden gem to most tourists.If You are Planing for one day picnic with your Children  then One of the Best nearest fair Ahwa Don Hill Station. Here you can enjoy a special fun with breathtaking scenes.

How to reach Don Hill Station?

First of  all you have to go to Dang Districts. Don hill station situated in the Dang district in Ahwa is approximately 33 km away. Ahwa going through chinchli, There is going to Darken Darken the mountain village and take the road leading to the village Don. If you are going to take car so it’s best because The CNG Filling Station is situated in Vansda. Petrol, Diesel pumps are Available  in Ahwa Dang.

  From                                                                      Distance/Time

Saputara  50 km / 1.5 hr
Ahwa 33 km / 45 mins
Mumbai 275 km / 5 hr
Bilimora 126 km / 3 hr
Surat 173 km / 4 hr
Ahmedabad 390 km / 6.30 hr
Navsari 140 km / 3.5 hr
Valsad 150 km / 3.5 hr
Vansda 82 km / 2 hr


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