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Ever try Gravy Momos of Delhi?


Ever try Gravy Momos of Delhi?

Momos have always been a hot favourite among food lovers – young, old middle-aged, vegetarian or non-vegetarian. These tasty dumplings have found their way into becoming a popular food item in Delhi.


Almost every area in Delhi flaunts its local go-to momo stall. Stalls serving hot, steamy, delectable momos with red chilli garlic sauce, mayonnaise and oregano can be found in almost every street in Delhi.


While these comfort the hunger pang for momos, there are times when you need nothing less than the perfect plate of gravy momos to testify your love for the dish !

Where? Momos Express , Pvr Anupam , Saket, and 101, Satya Niketan Rd Satya Niketan, Moti Bagh


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