As ‘Goats on Road’, we are fond of exploring, discovering the new things, interesting happenings around the corner and hence we aimed to set up a platform to put everything we come across during trip and tour whether it is new places, unique scenarios and food which are absolutely affordable and rich in taste.

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Digital Nomad Lifestyle!!


Digital Nomad Lifestyle!!

In this age of Digital world, we are Digital Voyagers!! We will continue with our digital nomad life, and at the moment we are 100% content (The King) :P. We have different mediums to present the travel journey with different digital instruments!!

We have organised content with channel sections on Youtube; Mission Heritage (The other side/story of Heritage), Around the world (Nomadic Journey), Eat Your World (Unique deliciously) and Travel Saga with Celebs (Celebrities sharing Travel Tales with us)…PS; A celebrity not just Bollywood/Hollywood/Cricketer, but someone who has made his/her country proud in one or the other way.

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