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Did you know Train horns have different messages behind it?


Did you know Train horns have different messages behind it?

Have you ever heard a train whistle or horns closely?  Well, they’re not only for the arrival or departure purpose but each horn and its duration includes has a meaning behind it. So if you aren’t aware of these blowing horns then we are here to tell you the types of horns and the meaning behind it as per Indian Railways.

One short- horn

A small horn means the motorman would take the train in the yard where it would be washed and cleaned for its next trip.

Two short horns

Two short horns indicate that the train is ready to move.

Three smaller horns

Motormen rarely press the horns thrice because if they do, it means they have lost control over the motor and that the guard has to immediately pull the vacuum break.


Four smaller horns

The four smaller horns denote that there is a ‘technical’ issue with the train and that the train would not go ahead. 

 One long horn and a shorter one

This horn means that the motorman is signaling the guard to set the brake pipe system before they start the engine.

Two long horns and two short horns

The motorman is signaling the guard to take control of the engine.

Continues blowing the long horn of Train

If the train is constantly blowing the horn, it means that it will not stop at the platform.

Two-stroke horn

This horn indicates that the train is very close to the railway crossing.


Two long and one small horn

This type of horn is played when the train changes its track.

Six times small horn

This horn is played when the loco pilot got a sense of any kind of danger.



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