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Check out this coolest place to eat Kebab in Lucknow

Check out this coolest place to eat Kebab in Lucknow

A few things strikes in mind- Imambara, a Nawabi lifestyle and, most importantly, the wide variety of food when one thinks about Lucknow,. Lucknowites are affirmed by their food and we have to say, for good reason. It is the kebab paratha which is the perfect example of Nawabi dish that Lucknow is known for rather than the flavorful Lucknowi biryani is to die for, more than that.

Let’s take a look at some of the best places that are known for this Nawabi dish.

1. Tunday Kebabi

Enough has been written and said about Tunday Kebab. It has hosted international names like Gordon Ramsay and Naseeruddin Shah and we all know why. These people at Tunday know how to make the classic special kebab. the way it is meant to be made- melt in the mouth, delicious and so tasteful.

2. Naushijaan

Though Naushijaan is quite well known amongst Lucknowites, outsiders aren’t really in the loop about this little gem in Lalbagh. Often, when it comes to eating kebab parathas, it boils down to either Tunday or Naushijaan. What sets Naushijaan apart from the competition is the somewhat flaky and crispy parathas that perfectly complement the kebabs.

3. Mubeen

Galawati kebabs are known for their love affair s with Lucknowits . However, those are not the only kinds of kebabs you get here in the city. If you’re looking for a place that serves it all, Mubeen is the place for you that makes it delicious . The seekh kebabs, shammi kebabs and pasanda kebabs are all made for perfection with the perfect texture that just takes things to the next level.

4. Kareems

Kareems is another one of those places where the kebabs just naturally live up to the age old dish. In fact, you could say that the kebabs here are fit for Nawabs. In case you’re here, we would suggest that you try the shammi kebabs. The meaty flavour, infused with a few secret ingredients give the dish its unmistakable flavour.

5. Gravy Kebab at Munshipulia

A really different kind of look on kebabs, gravy kebabs are something that even hard core Lucknowites are unaware about it.. Munshipulia, Raees kebab wala serves these delicacies. The kebabs have the same texture that we all know and love but paired with the delectable spicy and flavourful gravy which gives the entire dish a whole new unmatched taste.

6. Riyasat

At Riyasat, you can expect some melt in the mouth kebabs. The variety of kebabs is enough to make anyone’s confusion and even the most endure lovers of this dish swear by the joint. The spicy yet irresistible galawati and shami kebabs are nothing short of revolutionary, so if you haven’t been here yet, then head over immediately.

7. Abdul Wahid ke Seekh Kebab

This little store is nameless but has got undoubtedly the best seekh kebabs in town. Served with either sheermal or parathas, the kebabs are rich in flavour and have a rather gamey flavour that is really easy to like. Apart from that, it is a bit spicy, so those of you who have a low spice tolerance should steer clear from this.
With this awesome list of kebab places we are sure you can have the best of what Lucknow loves. Move to any one of these 7 places and get yourself a melt in the mouth delicious treat.

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