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Beautiful Chausath Jogani Temple and unparalleled beauty of Bhedaghat!!

Beautiful Chausath Jogani Temple and unparalleled beauty of Bhedaghat!!

In Madhya Pradesh, the Bhedahagat is the something where nature is extremely beautiful and calling for attention.

This Bhedaghat in Jabalpur district is adjacent to the Narmada, from which the Narmada originates. The beautiful stream of Narmada is as beautiful as the beautiful waterfall. At the same time, the Marble Rocks is also worthless. Apart from these, here is a landmark place, it is the temple of Chosath Jogani.


The architecture and carvings of this temple, built in about 10th century, are wonderful. The craftsmanship of the Kutcher era is found in the construction of this temple.


Boating is also another fun which can be added to the edition when it comes to enjoying this beautiful place. It is also a great attraction for the tourists, which is the fun of being beautifully shiny and passing through stones in the water.

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