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A village in Madhya Pradesh which hosts ‘Ghosts’ Fair


A village in Madhya Pradesh which hosts ‘Ghosts’ Fair

India is one such country where the perception of the people is just unexplainable and unimaginable.Similarly, you will find one such activity in MP too.Yes, you read that correct! ‘Ghost Fair’ or ‘bhooton ka mela’ is one famous event that takes place every year in the village of Malajpur (Betul district), Madhya Pradesh.

As per tradition, the Malajpur Ghost Fair has been in existence since the past 400 years and the fair attracts people from across the country.Every year this village hosts this unique annual fair where thousands of ghosts exorcised.

This annual ghost fair goes on for nearly three weeks, and during this time, people possessed by evil spirits and devils, flock the village to get rid of such negative vibes. Every year, thousands of possessed people, especially women come here in huge number. Only a brave heart can come here and watch the violent spectacle of men and women being dragged by their hair and being brutally beaten by brooms in the name of exorcism.

The villagers believe that thousands of ghosts have been trapped in the tree during the fair being held for years. The presiding deity of the shrine renders them ineffective.Several human rights organisations and activists have been trying to put a stop to this evil practice; they also claimed that most of the time, the ‘possessed’ people are mental patients.

However, it is very strange to see that people still believe in this possessing kinda thing when the world has moved to the next level.

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