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When rock produces metallic sound in this Temple of Gujarat

When rock produces metallic sound in this Temple of Gujarat

Nature works in mysterious ways. It manifests itself in such miraculous form sometimes that compel to evoke the thoughts of the observer. However, be the nature of reality there are some unexplained or yet unexplored things which amaze us and is mind blogging in nature.

Maha-TempleThere are many such instances of devotion scratching out the scientific temper. Similarly, one of them is the metallic sound producing rocks situated near the Mahakali Temple in Idar of Sabarkantha.

It is believed that the metallic sound that produces in rocks is nothing but the virtues and spirituality or could be said the superstitious beliefs of Indians.

Mahakali Temple: A religious belief

The rocks that are present near the Mahakali temple produce deafening sound when they are hit with any metallic objects. Apart from this, a video demonstrating the clangor will explain the things further.

The devotees who visit the temple claims that the metallic sound is the gift from the Goddess who protects them all.

The Scientific Facts:

The metallic sound from rocks in Kali Maa temple is due alkali nature of rocks.

The scientists began to analyze the provenance of the sound itself. Investigators rich in experience about rocks and their chemical analysis visited this place. They did succeed in breaking the bubble of a myth that clouded the scientific temper of the people. After a lot of research and analysis, they came to know that the enigmatic sound was produced due to the high alkali in the rocks.

Also, when these rocks were hit by metallic objects, electric stress was generated inside these rocks. This electric stress is dissipated in the form of a metallic sound.

Well, now it is up to the devotees to understand the science behind everything or else they will go for a superstitious belief again and again at least on these interesting cases.

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