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Treat your taste buds with Modi Thali in Badrinath

Modi Thali in Badrinath

Treat your taste buds with Modi Thali in Badrinath

Recently, PM Modi went to Badrinath which no sooner became the trend. But seems that it is not just Modi who was in trend now his Thaali too is the latest attraction.

Modi Thali Badrinath

Well, we all look for good food along with some fun. This is one reason we tend to buy Thalis in the restaurant which is around the temple complex. This hotel in Badrinath named ‘Krishna Hotel’ is offering Modi Thali to its customers with the tasty food. This Thali is introduced by one of the Modi supporters named Chandra Mohan Mamgai. You can satisfy your taste buds here by having Modi Thali while worshipping Lord Badrinath.

Modi Thaali

Chandra Mohan Mamgai who is the resident of Nakorn Road, Harrawala (Dehradun), is a hotelier in Badrinath and runs his hotel under the name ‘Krishna Hotel’. Mamgai told that there is a huge demand for ‘Modi plate’ in Badrinath.

Modi Thali in Badrinath

This Majestic Thali includes curd, Papad, Raita, khichdi, Rotis, and Rice only at Rs. 100. The special thing is that garlic and onions are not used at this meal at all. He said that he is selling Pakodas too cheaply by being influenced by Modi’s Pakodas employment generation way. They are happy that the prime minister stopped them and gave them a compliment.









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