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This village in Italy is without name

This village in Italy is without name

High on a hill overlooking the valley of the river Sinni, in Southern Italy, sits the tiny town of Colobraro. With its olive groves, painted white houses topped with terracotta roofs, and a population of just 1,500, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is an unassuming place.

But it’s the rumoured victim of a curse, and feared so much by Italians it’s known as ‘the village without name’, or chillu paese – ‘that village’.


Colobraro, an ancient hilltop town in Italy’s southern region of Basilicata, is reputed to be the nation’s unluckiest village.

But why is everybody so frightened of a seemingly innocuous town?

According to legend, back to the 1940s, when Biagio Virgilio, then mayor of Colobraro, proclaimed at a meeting in the nearby city of Matera: “May this chandelier fall down if I’m not telling the truth!”

With those words, the chandelier plummeted from the ceiling, and Virgilio’s village quickly became synonymous with bad omens.

PS: To believe or not to belive is the question!!

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