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Bike trip

These 3 places around Delhi-NCR is perfect for bike road trip

These 3 places around Delhi-NCR is perfect for bike road trip

Let us go on a long drive, but how will this journey of long drive be on a motorbike instead of the car? Yes, there are some places around Delhi-NCR that are best for traveling by bike.

Two-wheeler ride has its own thrill in the winter season. Anyway, all of you are aware of the hassles of traffic jams of Delhi-NCR in which a four-wheeler is more painful than relaxing. In such a situation, traveling by bike relieves to a great extent from these problems. So let’s visit these beautiful places around Delhi on weekends with this two-wheeler ride , without any delay

Bike trip

Journey to Garhmukteshwar

Road conditions: From NH 24 go straight towards Hapur. The road condition is very good and the traffic is also less. But reaching Garhmukteshar, you will not get the right condition of the road. You have to be careful here.

Dhaba: There are a lot of shops on Brijghat too. On the way, there is a lot of dhabas in the small town of Babugarh, which has a series of Shiva Tourist Dhabas. Here you will find all cuisines, Indian and South Indian and Continental. Their rate list also will not put weight on your pocket. It is the nearest place in Delhi. Here the dolphin can appear when the water level is low. These can be seen easily in summer. If you want to live well, you can book a room.

Bike trip

Travel to Alwar

Road conditions: The road is right for some time also bad for some time, so drive carefully.

Dhaba: You will find many places here on the way, where you can leisurely eat and relax lightly.

This road trip can be completed from Alwar to Sawai Madhopur and further to Udaipur in a great way. From the forts of Alwar to the national park of Ranthambore, magnificent roads will be seen welcoming you.

Travel to Jaipur

Road conditions: A portion of Delhi-Jaipur highway is in very poor condition. It can also take 6-7 hours to reach Delhi from Jaipur by bus.

Dhaba: There are many dhabas all along the highway, where you will get hot food. If you are looking for good food at night, you will find some delicious food on the Sikar Road outskirts of Jaipur. Going to Pink City i.e. Jaipur by bike can also be a good option. Here you can visit many towers and forts. At the same time, you can purchase many kinds of goods from the markets.



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