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The Station that changed nation, should be visited once in life


The Station that changed nation, should be visited once in life

We like to travel through train just to explore the beauty of nature, mountains and much more.What if I tell You that there is a Railway Station one should explore without hesitation and to learn many patriotic things.

Indeed, this holds a true as well, we’re coming up to the station,” announces tour guide Shiney Bright to the people eagerly awaiting to disembark. It might be unique that a group of Indian travellers wants to see a railway station — of all places. But then, this is Pietermaritzburg of South Africa.


The platforms of the station are empty — they aren’t expecting any trains anytime soon — but a trip there is bound to make any Indian traveller patriotic.


It was at Pietermaritzburg station that a young lawyer named Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was pushed out of a first-class compartment, thus prompting him to think about race and colour prejudices. This nondescript, not-so-busy station in South Africa is known worldwide today as the ‘Birthplace of Sathyagraha’.

The incidents leading up to Gandhi’s ouster from the train are well-detailed in the waiting room of the station, which is also the place where he spent the entire night mulling over prejudice and freedom.

Well, it is something we Indians must at least visit once and keep this in mind.

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