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Tanning and Traveling! Keep these tips and tricks in mind during Summer Vacation

Tanning and Traveling! Keep these tips and tricks in mind during Summer Vacation

Tanning is something which every human being faces off when the heat is on. The problem of tanning is very common in Summers and people to prefer to go for Sunscreens when their traveling mode is on. However, the effect of Sunscreen doesn’t last much for the day and it is not possible to apply at every minute while you are out. People always questions to avoid tanning while they are out for exploring the places. We have come up with the simple tricks and tips for every traveler so that they can keep them in mind before planning for any adventure.

Tanning problems

Choose Proper Outfits 

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Being constantly in the sun can gradually increase the damage. The vacation gets even worse when the problems related to skin rises in this hot weather. To avoid this, it is very important to cover more and more part of the skin. In summer, even though T-shirts are comfy, high neckline and collar long sleeves shirts are much better in order to avoid the sunlight. Wide-brimmed hats work to cover the entire face. Also, don’t forget to carry sunglasses. 

PS: You can also wear shorts and comfy pants in beaches but you need to take extra care.

Wear Light Fabric Outfits

While Traveling you need to take care of the kind of clothes you are wearing. There are many such fabric clothes which are when analyzed by Microscope could easily see the gaps in between the fabrics where UV rays enter and harm the skin easily. It is better to wear Cotton, Nylon as they protect from UV rays. Apart from these, polyester, Lycra, acrylic is best for summers.

Beat the heat with cool outfits


Always wear a light shade dress in this summer. Dark color clothes always absorb UV rays as compared to lighter shades, that is the reason why people always prefer to wear lighter shade color clothes during summers. 



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