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Planning for weekend? Head to India’s first Dinosaur Museum

Gujarat Museum

Planning for weekend? Head to India’s first Dinosaur Museum

Planning for a right weekend? Head to India’s first Dinosaur Museum which is also known as India’s Jurassic Park. This historical town is one of the largest reservoirs of dinosaur fossils in the world. The fossil park is located in Raiyoli Village and has been developed by Gujarat Tourism. It contains eggs, bones, and remains of Dinosaurs. The Balanisor Dinosaur Fossil Park though boasts itself as one of the largest dinosaur egg hatcheries in the world, yet is unknown and undiscovered by many travel enthusiasts.

Dinausaur Museum

A really great place to take your kids to an actual dinosaur fossil excavation site.First-hand view of dinosaur eggs, bones, teeth, and another fossil. Well maintained so far and still a lot to excavate. Not to mention it is one of the most important dinosaur fossil sites in the world and second largest hatcheries.

Dinosaur Fossil Park

The museum would have a 3D projection, 360 degrees virtual reality presentations, interactive kiosks, gaming consoles, and other facilities.

Gujarat MuseumThe Dinosaur Fossil Park is a couple of hours from Ahmedabad but its totally worth visiting. You see actual fossils, bones & even dinosaur eggs here!!!



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