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Flying Taxis in Paris

Paris planning flying taxis?

Flying Taxis

Paris planning flying taxis?

One of the key mobility solutions actively being worked upon is an air taxi service within a region. While it might seem a distant possibility, several auto majors have lined up their resources to achieve the goal. And if and when they do, what better stage to display it for the first time than the Olympics!

Currently, with a project being examined under a feasibility study undertaken in collaboration by Airbus, Aeroports de Paris, and the Paris Transport Authority, flying taxies are not a distant fantasy. In fact, they actually bear a date stamp. The 2024 Paris Olympics. At this mega global event, the city aims to give the visitors a flying start by offering airborne taxi rides from the airport directly to the tournament sites. The facility will, of course, cost a packet. And only be available to those with deep pockets. It is Paris at a price.

Visitors who fly into the City of Lights today have the following options to reach the city center. A 35-minute train journey, a 45-90 minutes bus ride or an hour-long taxi drive. A fourth option now looms over the horizon. The flying taxis will facilitate the commute in six minutes flat. These taxis will have 2 variants – single-seater and 4 seaters. It is the ultimate in technological solutions and provides a way out of saturated motorways and maintains urban mobility. 


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