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Five restaurants in Ahmedabad that defines taste!

Five restaurants in Ahmedabad that defines taste!

When you are in Gujarat or Ahmedabad, and you want to eat non veg. It becomes hard for you to find good non vegetarian place in the Ahmedabad that truely defines taste. Let me tell you something, and you would definitely agree to this when I say that you will always find a limit to all the available options to fulfill your meat cravings in the pre-dominantly vegetarian city?

However, you do not need to look anywhere else because, we bring to you some esteemed places of the city to fulfill your desires.



Awadhpuri is known as a place of ‘Jashn-e-Zyka’ which means a place where food is the celebration. They are popularly known for their Lucknowi Nawabi food. Not only the food but the interior, the plates and the decor everything is designed in a way to make you feel royal. They even sometimes have live music and ghazals which serve like the cherry on the cake.

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Lucknowi Nawab

Lucknowi Nawab is Ahmedabad’s first and only restaurant that serves authentic Lucknowi cuisine. A place that comes closest to creating an exclusive gastronomic experience, reminiscent of the days of the Nawabs and Sultans and their delicacies, is Lucknowi Nawab.

They have all different kinds of food for non vegetarians. Below are some of our favorite non-veg dishes here to order.

  • Chicken Lollipop
  • Dum Biryani
  • Chicken Roghanghosh
  • Mutton Narighosh
  • Tundey Kebab
  • Chicken Seek kebabs
  • Chicken Tikka Masala

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La bella

La Bella

La Bella is run solely by Mrs. Mary Lobo Aunty after the death of her husband. She is goan by heart turned Amdavadi. The place is not fancy or glamorous like other restaurants but the charm of this place is its food with the rates so low you can’t even imagine.

Simran Farm


Simran farm was started as a small stall in 1994, selling chicken. It’s the taste of the non-veg food that made it so popular and well-known that it now has two outlets at airport road, Khanpur. At Simran farm, you will get an amazing blend of Indian and Mughlai in non-veg food.

Magic Chicken

Magic KitcheenIf you are want to indulge in best Arabic non veg cuisine go straight to magic Chicken they serve the best shawarma, alfam with kuboos. It situated near sarkhej. You can search on zomato it has 4.5 rating.

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