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Five perfect destinations for snowy January

Five perfect destinations for snowy January

It is towards the beginning of the year and the Great Himalaya is already covered in fresh snow! as regular life has been put on hold for a while, travelers seeking some white fun could not be delightful. If you are in the latter category and are eager to go, we will tell you about the journey to the five places in the Himalayas that have already snow for the year. If you have some snowy in your mind, now go, because fun is there where snow exists..

Lahaul & Spiti

Trip to SpitiThose high on adrenaline should not skip this road trip. While the route from Manali to Lahaul and Spiti is closed for the year, you can still go to Shimla and take the road from Kinnaur to reach Spiti and then, Lahaul. If you believe that you can withstand bitter cold and drive in adverse conditions, then this is the journey for you. I suggest you go with the local driver; Those people will be well aware of tricks about these difficult roads that can be even in clear weather! Expect frozen waterfalls, frozen tap water and more on this trip; with some caution, it can be a lifetime experience.


Ladakh is a landscape paradise all year round, but a fresh snow battle ensues when the region dreams more than ever. If you think you can brave the sub-zero temperatures and follow our winter guide in Ladakh, then a white Ladakh is waiting for you. While Leh’s highways are closed, you can still fly to Leh and also enjoy surprisingly low off-season tariffs. No need to write, if you are into photography then the snowy trip to Ladakh will be even more special.


KashmirThe  Pahalgam  in Jammu and Kashmir looks very close to paradise of the Earth. Imagine that magic happens in winter, and I can have a lack of words to describe the attraction that is waiting for you. If the cozy homestay, the wazwan and Kehwa rounds of Kashmir, the cheerful kids, and the surprisingly Alpine landscape sounds like a great trip, then you should definitely dream of a trip to Srinagar.


Think of a spectacular snowfall and you can’t think of Uttarakhand; More if you have skiing in your mind. Yes, we are talking about Auli, which is the most spectacular landscape for skiing in India. The place already had its first bout of snow for the year on November 3, and the met department has more good news to share. So yes, all roads should be taken to Auli this winter.

Solang Valley

If you are still not lured by Kullu and Manali, the very beautiful Solang Valley is awaiting its snowscape terrain. Solang also received a surprise battle of fresh snow over the weekend and more are coming if we look at the weather forecast. No need to say, otherwise the green valley looks quite surreal when snow falls and makes for a perfect weekend getaway.



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