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Five Haunted places you would dare to visit in Udaipur!

Five Haunted places you would dare to visit in Udaipur!

Travelling is being loved by everyone when never get tired of wandering the places you would love to visit. Most of us love to wander around the places which is full of life, nature or the places which are full of mystery.

Yes, you heard it right uncanny cravings are everywhere and its never too late to nurture the same.If you’re an adventure freak, love exploring renowned places with spookiest stories, and believe that there are several baffling theories that remain puzzled.

Here are some of the places which are said to be the haunted places in Udaipur:

Rani Road

Rani-Road-in-UdaipurThe scenic Rani Road is said to be the romantic places, couples are seen here more often especially for the long drive. But people try not to access the same road at midnight. The youngsters of Udaipur have stated to experience unearthly existence and felt uncanny situation most of the time between 12 pm to 4 am.

Most of the times people have found halting of their vehicles for no specific reason.

Badi Lake

badi-Lake-haunted-place-in-UdaipurA little far from the city (around 12km) but less crowded and peaceful place. Entry fee is just ₹5 and you can sit here for hours. It is a huge lake and you can drive around the road circumferencing the lake. There are roads opened which lead you to the bank of the lake and it is wonderful to sit and lay down there looking at sky, water and nature around. Not sure if boating is round the year.

The area surrounding Badi Lake is covered with dense forest and mountains; it is believed that at night various wild beings also roam on the roads constructed near the lake. If you visit Badi Lake you’ll experience a mysterious calmness in the water of Badi Lake.

Sajjangarh Fort (The Monsoon Palace)

SajjanGarh-Fort-Udaipur-HauntedOne Must visit monsoon palace for a view of the city, lake and palaces, the structure can be more well preserved. Moreover, this is located at the most ideal location, You can see all of Udaipur from this palace. This is at the highest point on top of the hill.

It is believed that the underground floor of Sajjangarh Fort remains locked and inaccessible by are several stories have been heard that there have been incidents when people felt something unnatural while exploring the underground rooms of Sajjangarh fort, due to several complaints it has now been locked to control the situation.

NH8 opposite Amargarh Resort

NH-8-Highway-Udaipur-Haunted-placeThis highway road is believed to be a haunted as everyone is experiencing the case of accidents every now and then. It is believed that there is something unusual about this place which is responsible for all the unfortunate accidents.

Rana Kumbha Palace Chittorgarh

Rana-Kumbha-Palace-ChittorgarhOne of the major tourist attractions, Rana Kumbha Palace inside Chittorgarh, is said to be the mysterious or haunted places as it holds the much-heard tales of Rani Padmavati’s Jauhar along with 700 females. One can still visit the fort and explore the fire pit; people have reported hearing the screams of women asking for help.

Also, it is said that the ruins of the once famous palace have the temple of Lord Shiva, Zanana Mahal, Diwan -e -aam, along with a stable for horses.

According to the legends, the founder of the city of Udaipur, Maharana Udai Singh was born here, and his life was saved by his wet nurse Panna Dai, who hid him inside a fruit basket. This place was once the home of the famous bhakti poetess Meerabai.

Dare to visit these places in Udaipur? Well, the choice is yours!

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