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A Guide to Snake Boat Races in Kerala

A Guide to Snake Boat Races in Kerala

For a few months every year during the monsoon season, the popular south Indian state of Kerala comes alive with colorful snake boat races. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Snake Boat Race Kerala 2019:

A Snake Boat Race is held every year in August at Alleppey, Kerala. During this time, the view of Kerala is different. This year it has been postponed due to rains and floods.

Alleppey, located 80 km.away from the city of Kochi in Kerala holds, its own identity for beauty, but the Nehru Trophy Boat Race Competition is also very popular here which was about to held on the second Saturday of August every year.

Snake boat race

What is snake boat race

The snake boat race is held at Punnamada Lake in which a lot of boats take part every year. Boats come from nearby villages to participate in this race. Each village has its own boat. The boat carries skilled sailors between 100 and 140 nos.People of all religions, Hindu, Christian, Muslim, etc. takes part as a sailor. This beautiful example of hormonal community is not seen anywhere else. While sailors with strong arms play the boat with a paddle in a rhythm, singers sitting among them sing boat sags to encourage their companions. Along with them, there are two drummers who cheer their sailors by playing drums with great enthusiasm. Each boat also has a team leader, who is the most experienced. He continues to instruct the sailors by whistling continuously. People’s enthusiasm is worth seeing. According to the locals, this race is one of the oldest water sports being held in India.


History of boat race

If you go through the pages of history, there is evidence of arranging a boat race among the kings of Travancore, about 400 years ago. The snake-like shape of the boat was 128 feet in length. Even spies used to spy on the boats being built by rival kings. From that time till today, competition in these boat races of Kerala is seen at its peak.

How to reach

By Air: The nearest airport is Kochi, from where the distance to Kochi is 85 km. You can easily reach here by hiring a taxi from the airport.

Rail route – The nearest railway station is Aluva which takes 20 minutes to reach Rajiv Gandhi bus station from where you can easily reach Alleppey.

By Road: Kerala State Transport Corporation buses ply frequently from Kochi to Alleppey by which you can easily reach your destination at low fares.


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