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San Francisco is the jewel of Northern California, let’s go on a spectacular journey

san francisco 2

San Francisco is the jewel of Northern California, let’s go on a spectacular journey

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in America. The city, which has invented blue jeans television and Borito, is famous worldwide because of the Golden Gate Bridge.

When reached San Francisco after Air India’s direct, but sixteen-hour flight from New Delhi, it was six in the evening, but as soon as stepped out of the airport, cold breeze with a look of beautiful scenes forgot the tiredness and sleep. As I had heard about the place, found it more exciting just having a glimpse of this city situated on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

SanfransicoIt felt as if we had reached a mountainous area, but as our taxi started from the airport towards Tiburon, where we were located, walked along the sea and this city like a choli daman. Pavement roads and well-organized traffic affect anyone traveling from India. It was getting dark and we were passing through the outer edge of the city. The houses with pointed ceilings on either side of the road, the shops looked very beautiful. Then the taxi driver said, now we will go through the Golden Gate Bridge, you can make a video if you want. Oh wow .. San Francisco is identified with the Golden Gate Bridge, we became very happy to know that we were  about to see as soon as we arrived in the city.

san francisco 2In the midst of mild darkness, we passed through the bridge, bathed in medium light, as if a wish had begun to be fulfilled. We crossed about two km long  bridge as soon as we saw it. In a short while we reached Tiburon, where arrangements were done to stay in a lodge. Already some companions were waiting us for dinner. People start dinner here by six or seven.  Vegetarians does not have much choice of American food . Of course, salads are very good. Later we came to know about some such eating points in the city, where Indian or Mexican good vegetarian food is available for those who were fond of non-veg, with many options.

Unsurpassed sample of suspension bridgeSan fransoci Bridge

Since there was only a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge on the previous day, we were desirous to go there and be looked at closely. So when it came to the city tour, the first stop was the same. We went there by car. Its view is different from both the ends.It is gorgeous It is visited by after few hill ridges upwards in the north direction. We also arrived and took photos. Then I saw from the other end also. Most tourists come here and then know the history and importance of this bridge is revealed.

This suspension bridge connecting the city of San Francisco to both ends of the bay is a marvel of engineering. The bridge located on the National Highway 101 of the United States, was built in 1937 when it was the longest suspension bridge in the world. Since then, it is the international symbol of San Francisco. Connecting the San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean, the bridge is 4200 feet long, 90 feet wide, 220 feet above sea level with 6 driving lanes and two sidewalks with widths of 62 feet and 10 feet respectively. It is called the Golden Gate because it is painted in orange color which enables it visible also in the fog. There is enough fog here. It can withstand earthquakes of up to eight degrees magnitude and storms up to 90 mph. The Golden Gate and the view overlooking are truly amazing.

Lombard Street – The world’s sharpest turn

Our next stop was Lombard Street. Earlier seen in many films and posters, I found this place just before, then something really felt different. Eight sharp turns on a road with steep, winding, steep slopes, beautiful flowers around it, is said to be the most crooked twisted road in the world. From east to west there was a slope of an angle of 27 degrees earlier, which later reduced slightly. Cars can go down only from the top . This view looks much more beautiful in the photo, so tourists were seen standing at various places on the slope and getting photographed.

Palace of Finishing Arts

We were roaming the city by car, so we started looking from one end. After about ten minutes we reached the Palace of Fine Arts. This palace of fine arts is the final structure of the 1915 Panama Pacific Exhibition. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this artistic, beautiful building is situated on a lagoon, whose reflection appears in the water. Now art exhibitions are organized here. People visit mostly to see the building.

When to go

In September – October or May – June. The weather here is very good during these months.


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