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Indian governmentg

Travel advisory by Indian government for citizens travelling to Iraq

Indian governmentg

Travel advisory by Indian government for citizens travelling to Iraq

In view of the conflict between the US and Iran, the Indian government has issued a travel advisory for Indian citizens, which asks them to refrain from traveling to Iraq unless really needed.

According to an advisory operated by the Ministry of External Affairs, India, Indian citizens are advised to avoid all insignificant travel to Iraq until notified by the ministry.

The news is that Iran fired more than a dozen ballistic missiles at two military points in Iraq on Wednesday, where US troops are present. Soleimani, Iran’s former noted Revolutionary Guard General, was killed in a US drone attack on his vehicle at Baghdad Airport. Allegedly, Iranian state TV announced that the US military point was attacked in exchange for the killing of Qasim Solimani.

Indian citizens living in Iraq have been asked to be aware of their protectors. The Foreign Ministry also advised Indians to avoid traveling within Iraq. Meanwhile, the Indian embassy in Baghdad and the consulate in Erbil are actively working at their respective locations, as reported by the ministry.

Travel Advisory for Iraq

Looking at the current situation in Iraq, Indian citizens are advised to plan only essential travel to Iraq until further notification. Indian nationals living in Iraq are advised to be cautious and may avoid traveling within Iraq.

Contrary to this, the aviation regulator DGCA has asked Indian airlines to be cautious and take precautions when flying in airspace over the countries like Iran, Gulf of Oman, Iraq and the seas the Persian Gulf.

According to news reports, the US Federal Aviation Administration announced that it would ban US aircraft from flying over the airspace on Iraq, Iran and other Gulf countries due to the missile attack launched by Iran on US-led forces in Iraq.

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