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Soon Karnataka’s century old WW1 railway to get started

Soon Karnataka’s century old WW1 railway to get started

Good news for the people of Karnataka as century-old Alnavar-Ambewadi railway service will soon to be enjoyed on an archaic train. Well, this service is available due to the locals and the activities of the Dandeli and Hubballi-Dharwad.  As if this possible by the ministry of railway, then the rail services will start in a month.

There is immense historic significance attached to the railway line- it’s been around since the First World War (WW1).  Earlier the railway was used to transport forest products including timber and other goods during the First World War, circa 1918. And the railway line is connected Belagavi to Hubbali and stop at four other stations like- Gogtewadi, Shingatgeri, Ambewadi and Dandeli.

During the weekends about 2,000 travelers visit Dandeli from Bengaluru and Mumbai by road. The railway line will help the tourists and locals alike because they will then have easy access to Hubballi-Dharwad and Belagavi too.

If the ministry nod the green single for the rail services to Ambewadi, then again it will not only be of help to the people of Upper Ghat taluks but also majorly boost tourism. As from last two and half decades, there has been no rail service between Alnavar and Dandeli.


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