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Norwegian Getaway tour

Norwegian Getaway Cruise package! Check details

Norwegian Getaway Cruise package! Check details

What if Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation provide you a tour on cruise? Yes, it is! The IRCTC always throw out the wide range of offers for domestic and international tour package as well. One can book tickets from official website-

Here, in international tour, IRCTC tourism is offering a cruise package called Norwegian Getaway Cruise, at the cost of Rs 3.16 lakh per person as per the official website. Where the tour will be of 12 nights and 13 days and the cruise will begin from Copenhagen, Denmark on June 24, 2019 and end on 6th July 2019. The tour will cover the beautiful destination like Finland, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russian Federation & Sweden.

Where, the Norwegian Getaway Cruise’s tour package cost is of Rs 3,16,365 per person on a triple occupancy. Meanwhile, on a single occupancy the cost of tour will be rise up by Rs 5,80,356 & for double occupancy Rs 3,54,974.

As per the official reports, the booking of Norwegian Getaway Cruise have been closed.

The tour will begin from Delhi where the passengers will be flown to Copenhagen via Dubai on Emirates flight.

Flight details:

IRCTC Tourism: Emirates flight details:

1. EK 513 24JUN DEL – DXB TC 04:15-1 06:20-1
2. EK 151 24JUN DXB – CPH TC 08:20-1 13:15-1
3. EK 152 5JUL CPH – DXB TC 15:35-5 23:55-5
4. EK 510 6JUL DXB – DEL TC 03:55-6 09:05-6


Following points must considered while booking the tickets:

The package includes on-board entertainment activities, poolside activities, sports courts, access to outdoor pools, return airfare, visa free, insurance cover, fitness facilities any many more.

Package also includes stay and meals for the period of nine nights and ten days on the Norweign Cruise Line and also on other destinations.


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