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Kyoto launches an ’empty tourism’ campaign amid coronavirus outbreak

Kyoto launches an 'empty tourism' campaign amid coronavirus outbreak

Kyoto launches an ’empty tourism’ campaign amid coronavirus outbreak

But as the coronavirus outbreak keeps visitors away from the historic streets of Japan’s former capital, a group of shopkeepers has launched an “empty tourism” campaign to lure them back.

Merchants from five shopping streets in Kyoto’s Arashiyama neighborhood — a popular tourist district on the western outskirts of the city that’s filled with temples and shrines — have devised an advertising campaign dubbed “suitemasu Arashiyama,” which translates to “empty Arashiyama” or “there are few people around in Arashiyama.”

The posters created for the campaign showcase how any would-be travelers could have the district’s most-visited spots all to themselves.

It does so by showing images of four popular tourist sites in Arashiyama with a tongue-in-cheek message for each one.

One poster shows a monkey with the caption: “It’s been a while since there were more monkeys than humans.” Underneath, there’s a photo of Togetsukyo Bridge — normally crowded with Instagrammers — with no tourists about. Another depicts Arayshiyama’s beautiful bamboo grove accompanied with several hashtags, including “#nopeople” and “#nowisthetime.”

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