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India rises to 34th rank on World Tourism Index

Indian ranks 34th Spot

India rises to 34th rank on World Tourism Index

A big improvement registered by India  in field of Travel & Tourism as per Competitiveness Report 2019, by jumping from 40th rank in 2017 to 34th in 2019. The said report was published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), which mentioned the greatest percentage of improvement that India has registered to its overall score, thus helping it to become the only lower-middle income country in the top 35.

Thailand, Brazil and India, don’t fall under high-income economies, as per the report, but rank in the top 35 stand out in this list is due to their combination of the rich natural and cultural resources and strong competitive price.

It was  also mentioned in the report that apart from natural and cultural assets and price competitiveness, India registered improvement in environment of business and it’s sustainability too. However, India slid in its ranking on four of the 14 broad factors since the last report, on which the other 140 countries ranked by WEF.
In WEF Travel and Tourism rankings, the top 35 economies account for around 84 per cent of the global travel and tourism GDP, and nearly 70 per cent of all international tourist arrivals. Out of 35 countries in the list, 6 are from high-income economies, 20 from Europe, 10 are from Asia-Pacific, 4 from the Americas and one from the Middle East and North Africa region.


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