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Dine with dead in this restaurant of Ahmedabad!


Dine with dead in this restaurant of Ahmedabad!

This might sound bizarre, but strange things do happen- like it is happening in Ahmedabad. There is a restaurant in Ahmedabad, which is built on a cemetery and it has the presence of grave inside the restaurant.
In a country where people are scared to cross the area which is said to be haunted, this restaurant is built over a cemetery. Sounds weird though! However, the restaurant’s owner believes that the graves inside the food hub have been lucky for them and have contributed towards their flourishing food business.
The restaurant named ‘The New Lucky Restaurant’ is built on top of the Muslim cemetery and the owners did not remove the graves and went ahead to set up the restaurant along with 26 graves.The restaurant’s motto is ‘Respect the dead, as you respect the living’ and has tables placed alongside the graves. The 60-year-old eatery is among the favorite hangout spots for youngsters as well as elder lies in Ahmadabad. 
Graves here are protected with iron grills and it is taken care of properly. In fact, even more than the customers coming in!

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